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About Us

At Rapid Globex we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting range of quality ballpens to our fast growing valuable clientele across the Globe.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. Under brand name "reBOLT" our pens compete globally with other reputed brands in the world.
Under brand name reBOLT our pens compete globally with other reputed brands in the world.

Ball Pen Eco System of India :
The world is turning to India for Manufacurting of High Quality Writing Instruments. Last Decade saw a tremendous change of Buying Pattern in Stationery Importers across the Globe as they started to source more and more need of quality and affordable ball pens from India.

Assured quality, Transparent Conduct of Business, Competitive Pricing and After sales support in form of assurance, warranty and free replacement , Abundance of Skilled Labour were some key reason which played there part .

Ballpen looks one of the most simplest of product to make but when you get into technicalities it requires continuous R&D, high scale infrastructure, complex machinery, Scale & Volume.

With time Indian Industry Dynamics has developed and is improving at a very fast pace enabling Indian Manufacturers to better there competitors on all parameters whether its pricing, quality and delivery time.

Why Us

Firm Understanding of the Business:
In Product Design, Manufacturing, Network Development and Enterprise Building

Strong Support Mechanism:
• Effective Product Placement
• Dedicated Team of Experienced Professionals to assist International Partners on ground in there respective countries

Strong Focus on Quality

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

On Time Delivery

International Presence

We are present in all Continents. We have strong presence in Middle East, Africa and Latin America where our Products are represented by Reputed Business Houses Exclusively.

We Look forward to in our International Partners :

•  Reasonable Investment Capacity
•  Distribution of Rebolt Products in relevant stores across the region
•  Good inventory movement and Warehouse Capacity
•  Dedicated Sales Force to position Rebolt Products in the market



Must Read For Buyers

Model Design

Check properly the model which you are selecting. Don’t just get stuck over the design part. You should thoroughly check other important factors like the working of the pen, it should open with ease n comfort and lock back with crisp sound. Don’t hesitate in asking the quality of raw materials used by the manufacturer.

Writing Pleasure

Once the design is approved in your mind you should write atleast half a page with it. This will enable you to understand another important point of ballpen selection that is the Ink. Often as a buyer you get carried away by the design of the pen especially if it resembles to a pen which is one of top sellers in your country. You should look for the Ink Quality and overall writing comfort of the pen..


A very important attribute which many buyers forget as they only focus on the pen. Often they regret their decision of ignoring the packaging part when the shipment reaches them and it’s too late than. Ballpen is a FMCG product and good packaging plays an important role. Good packaging just doesn’t mean good design but also the thickness of the packing material used and its print quality. Also the Master Carton packing should be discussed clearly with the manufacturer. It should be firm and durable enough to ensure your pens reach in good condition in your respective country..

Delivery Time

You should understand ballpen manufacturing is a complex process and the manufacturer has many production constraints. Still, a professional manufacturer with good manufacturing capacity should be able to deliver your order in between 30 – 45 days depending on the complexity of the order.


You should discuss thoroughly with the manufacturer about time period for which he warranties his product. Generally a good manufacturer will give you 18 months warranty and in most cases there warranty is limited to free replacement of pens.

Contact Us


Rapid Globex Pvt. Ltd.
307, Quantum Tower,
Ram Baugh, S.V. Road,
Malad West Mumbai - 400064 ,
Maharashtra   India


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